Today I read… (8/16/2017)

A Guide to Becoming a Full-Stack Developer in 2017

Today I read… (8/15/2017)

6 Deep Learning Techniques They Never Taught You In School


I realized that I sort of use the Feynman technique. After I read something, I usually think about how I would explain it to someone or how it relates to my own experience.


Today I read… (8/13/2017)

How to Take Down Kim Jong Un

Today I read… (8/10/2017)

Reasons to Estimate During Planning Poker with the Whole Team

Three Mistakes Scrum Masters Make and How to Correct Them

Today I read… (8/8/2017)

Hack Your Mind: 7 Steps to Upgrade Your Mental Software

How to Spot Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic-Learning Executives

Key Takeaways:

Total confirmation that I am a visual learner!

Today I read… (8/2/2017)

A real hyperloop is almost here — and it’s not what Elon Musk envisioned

Today I read… (8/1/2017)

History’s Greatest Chief of Staff Just Gave 2 Sentences of Genius Advice to the Newbie