Today I read… (7/31/2017)

Six Books for Your Summer Reading List


Today I read… (7/28/2017)

Eight Tips to Become the Scrum Master Your Team Needs

British Airways: a brilliant example of how cost-cutting increases costs

Of interest:

  • Operational effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement of customer experience
  • Failure demand – demand on the system caused by failure; conversely, value demand – demand caused by what the service exists to provide
  • Focus on performance instead of satisfaction
  • Empower front-line employees to provide an excellent customer experience


Today I Read… (7/27/2017)

Characterization Testing – Michael Feathers

To Kill Code

Today I read… (7/26/2017)

12 Questions from First, Break All the Rules (ID271) – CEO Juice

Marcus Buckingham Thinks Your Boss Has An Attitude Problem


Today I read… (7/25/2017)

The Secret Algorithm Behind Learning

Today I read… (7/20/2017)

Richard Feynman On Believing What Isn’t True

How We Use Daily Journals

Today I read… (7/19/217)

Habits of highly mathematical people
Five Brain-Boosting Books Bill Gates Suggests You Read This Summer