Today I read… (12/12/2017)

The Spotify Model is No “Agile Nirvana”


Today I read… (11/2/2017)

Five Scary Things About Adopting Agile by Mike Cohn

Today I read… (11/1/2017)

The Three Levels of Listening

Today I read… (10/23/2017)

Airbnb’s 10 Takeaways from Moving to Microservices

About When Not to Do Microservices

Today I read… (10/20/2017)

Common Excuses Why Developers Don’t Test Their Software

Today I read… (10/19/2017)

7 signs you aren’t managing your time effectively

Several points in this article apply to Agile teams:

  • Be realistic
  • Reduce multitasking
  • Prioritize, and focus on priorities
  • Reduce interruptions and focus on the work at hand
  • Learn to say ‘no’ and set expectations for others

Today I read… (10/17/2017)

Safety Stories in Agile Development


  • I like the idea of formal testing for safety issues in mission critical software.
  • I’m concerned about using multiple stories for the functionality and safety checks.
  • This doesn’t seem to follow the INVEST principle, especially the idea that stories should be independent.

Is there a reason why the functionality and safety checks can’t be included in one story? I assume that if the stories can be refined to be small, then the safety checks could be included in one related story. And then they could be independent.